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We love Belgium! This is a country with fantastic food, a rich history of art and culture, music on the streets and diverse and bubbling cities. It’s where William Tyndale translated the Bible into English, and where Vincent van Gogh worked as a church planter before he became an artist. But Belgium is also one of the world’s most atheistic countries. It has a dark past in colonialism, and today is a capital of human trafficking. It is the only country in the world to have introduced child euthanasia.

We believe that Belgium can only be transformed by Jesus. Right now, out of 582 official districts, 375 have no protestant or evangelical church, and in most of these areas, traditional Catholic churches no longer function. Just one person in three in Belgium says that they personally know a protestant Christian, and, while most still say they are Catholic, three quarters of those say they do not believe in God.

We want three things to happen in Belgium:

We want the gospel to be widely sowed, so that every Belgian can have the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond to it in their own language.

We want to see believers gathered into churches where they live, so that there can be a church among every twenty-thousand people, and in every district.

We want to see believers in Belgium — Walloons, Flemings, and immigrants from all over the world — make the Belgian harvest their own vision and step out into reaching their nation.

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