Church Planting


We have a goal of forming a new vibrant community of Jesus followers equipped to make new followers. Here in Belgium we are seeking to see a multiplying church planted. From the beginning, our entire focus is on a discipling lifestyle where everything learned is immediately passed on. The emphasis will be on enabling local believers to build the church in their communities and culture. We are aiming to see gatherings that are unique to each community through out Belgium.

This might look very different from the past or very much the same with one of our goals for our gatherings to fit the cultural norm of deep relationships. In this way, we want to raise up leaders from the beginning to start groups in their neighborhoods and villages too. We see that if key people of peace in the community come to faith that the entire community can be impacted. But we also acknowledge the unique opportunities that come with larger cities that are a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and affinities. Ultimately, we want to see Jesus movements multiply through the entire country of Belgium with the potential to impact Europe with a multiplying church movement based on discipleship.

A key component of this is to also write indigenous worship music with the local musicians on the team. This lends credibility to the local leadership as well as esteems the local believers and their culture. We want to train and enable them to do this and so envision other European musicians to do the same. We dream of seeing a European worship voice emerge that can also impact the worldwide church. This will only happen in partnership with multiplying discipleship which is why we have vision for both together.

Evangelism Mobilisation