Head of Buildings

Are you a missions-minded believer with professional building and mechanical skills willing to lead others in redeveloping a major facility for ministry in the post-Covid world? OM in Belgium is looking for a Head of Buildings, who can plan, lead and do the work of taking the base God has given us from what it is now to what it needs to be. 

Commitment Length: As long as possible

Commitment Period: From as soon as possible to End of Commitment (Full Time) 

More Information & Requirements:

ZavCentre, on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium is the first building OM ever owned. It was built in the 1870s as a paper factory, and has served many purposes. In 2021, OM in Belgium is seeking to meet the needs of the post-Covid missions world with an online/face-to-face conference centre, respite care for missionaries, and apologetics, church planting and wide evangelism online broadcast straight from the base.
To achieve this, we need to bend walls, create rooms, lay bricks and even foundations. We have planning permission for extensive renovations, but these plans will need to be reviewed for the post-Covid world. We now have a clear vision of what functions the base needs to fullfil, and are looking for someone to turn it into reality.
Visa: EU citizen due to visa requirements
Health: Good physical health