Head of Fund Raising

OM in Belgium is looking for a head of fundraising. We are fifty people, part of the OM family, working among the least reached in one of the world’s most technological, bureaucratic and advanced nations. Our vision is to move from a position of just breaking-even to be able to be generous partners and standard-setters.


Type: Other

Hours: Full time

Start date: ASAP

End date: End commitment

Commitment length: as long as possible

More Information & Requirements:

When people say “if only we had money for our ministry”, you’re the one who says “well, let’s raise the money, then.” When other people are scared of fund-raising, you get excited by it. You love developing new partners for ministry. You know there are wealthy people out there who are longing to be able to invest their wealth for God’s kingdom. You know there are individuals who don’t have much, but want to give from what they have. You know that there are people who consider it a privilege to stand alongside God’s work among the least reached.

We’re not seeking to live a life of luxury, but we recognise that trying to do everything as cheaply as possible is off-putting and often counter-productive. We have a major facility in ZavCentre, which could be much more effective in supporting ministry in Belgium and worldwide if it were redeveloped to meet current requirements. We also want to see the church in Belgium grow up, and itself become a giving church, rather than a financially receiving church.

Visa: EU

Health: Reasonable adjustments can be made for disabilities

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