As Jesus followers our lives speak of our relationship with God - they become a living testimony. Christians are a part of God’s kingdom reality which will be experienced fully one day. Yet in the right here and right now God’s people can live out, reflect and bring the principles, characteristics and a taste of what God’s kingdom is like to the world that we are living in. All Jesus followers are called into God’s mission – in all spheres, societies and walks of life.  

God’s call, His mission and His purposes are what mobilise us, and motivate us to mobilise others.  

Our hope is for every person to be actively involved in what God desires and to see His will be done and His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven – wherever we are, wherever He sends us.  
For this reason, we aim to reach out and invite, to network and connect, to organize and participate, to partner with others and initiate ourselves, to speak up and listen carefully.  
Members of the OM Mobilisation Team in Belgium – also known as the OM External Affairs Team – are involved in the area of communications and event management, represent OM as regional coordinators in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, and run our Year Program and fACTOR program.   

We invite you to mobilise with us: For God’s Kingdom, for God’s glory, for God’s creation – through Jesus Christ. 

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