Online Evangelist

OM in Belgium is looking for an online evangelist who is ready, able and willing to invest a year in reaching the least reached right where they are: in front of their smartphones, tablets and computers. No qualifications required—except that you love Jesus, you love people, and you LOVE social media.

Type: Other

Hours: Full time

Start date: ASAP

End date: End commitment

Commitment length: as long as possible

More Information & Requirements:

You love sharing your faith, and you’ve grown up digital. Social media is your native environment, and you’re brimming with ideas about how to share your faith. 

You’re the person that squirms when the preacher warns of the dangers of social media. You facepalm when someone tries to explain that Snapbook and Twittime are undermining the traditional values of right-thinking believers. You don’t care if people are trans, bi-, gay, straight, black, white, male, female, young, old, or all of them at once. You’re not constantly terrified that someone is going to hack your microwave oven and use it to beam messages from the government into your brain. TL:DR? You’re smart, sassy, fun, and even a little bit funky.

Visa: EU

Health: Reasonable adjustments can be made for disabilities

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