Street Evangelist

OM in Belgium is looking for a street evangelist. If that’s you, you don’t need any further explanation. If it isn’t you, further explanation is too much.

The street is your natural environment. A friendly smile is all you need to strike up a conversation. You love people, and you love Jesus. Whether working with musicians, street food, actors, stunts, pop-ups or flashmobs, or just a shared interest in waiting for the bus, you always find a way to share a little bit of your faith, and part as new friends.


Type: Other

Hours: Full time

Start date: ASAP

End date: End commitment

Commitment length: as long as possible

More Information & Requirements:

Our street languages are English, French and Dutch. If you speak one of them, we’ll coach you into getting to grips with one of the others, and if you already speak two, we’ll help you with the third. As well as doing street evangelism your way, we’ll ask you to help others discover their way, and maybe train local people in a way which they can learn. If you’ve already got a method you want to teach, brilliant. If not, we’ll find the way together.

Visa: EU

Health: Good physical health

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