ZavCentre sustainability project

Brief description:

We need to install heat pumps, solar panels, and insulation to make ZavCentre, our guest house and hospitality centre,  OM in Belgium's main office and studio production, 90% self-suficient for energy.

Background information:

OM's first property, ZavCentre, has served the OM world since 1965. It burns gas for heating and uses grid electricity for power. It has been an aspiration to switch this to renewable energy for some time, as part of Creation Care. Sharply rising fuel costs make this an urgent necessity.

Fuel providers have informed us that costs will rise from ‚ā¨8000 for has in 2022 to ‚ā¨24000 in 2023. Electricity is also expected to rise in price.

The base would normally expect to make ‚ā¨30000 a year which then goes into ministry. This would be entirely wiped out by the fuel prices' increase unless the building is made sustainable.

The base continues to play a significant role in serving missions worldwide as a conferencing and transition point, but it has taken on ever greater significance for evangelism and discipleship in least-reached Belgium. The construction of audio recording and broadcast video studios during Covid has enhanced this. It is now used for internet-based TV production by OM and by other Belgian ministries. It also provides the technological infrastructure for Bible translation for Flanders.

Expected people impacted:

25,000 - Broadcasts, events, conferences, translation, and wider ministries enabled by ZavCentre are expected to reach a minimum of 25,000 individuals during a year.

Financial breakdown (in American dollars):

Budgeted expenses Item 2023 budget Notes
  Heat pump $9,500.00 Quote by supplier
  Solar panels $17,500.00 Quote by supplier
  Insulation $5,500.00 Estimated on previous work
  Insulation 16,300.00 Estimated on previous work
  Solar panels 25,600.00 Quote by supplier
  Heat pump 16,300.00 Waiting for proper quote
  Battery 30,000.00 Quote by supplier
Total   120,700.00  


Tasks for the project:

Installation of 2 heat pumps

Commercial installation.

Installation of 78 solar panels

Commercial installation of panels and other requirements.

Installation of insulation to two roofs which will have solar panels

Installation by OMers and teams.

Connection of 1 battery

Connection of 1 battery (not included in solar panel price)

Critical funding (in American dollars)

Critical funding need:  Installation of insulation and placement on central roof (Phase 1, $32,500).

Critical amount in USD: 32500.00

A $25 - $100 gift could... insulate 1 square meter/ 1 square yard of roof.

Top two capital items in the $500 to $2,000 range:

Pay for 1 - 2 solar panels.

Sustainability: a specific need that if met, would increase the long-term effectiveness or sustainability of the project:

Heat pump ($9,500) makes an immediate reduction on the heating costs and enables building income to be used toward project.

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IBAN: BE55 3630 9189 8244



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