We are passionate about equiping the local church to share the Gospel. VITAL is an online/offline training program that launched in February 2021 that equips and encourages participants to become open about their faith with those in their sphere of influence. 

VITAL consists of three phases that will introduce different approaches to sharing God in a relevant way. Each phase will begin with a livestream kick-off event that introduces the theme and over the the next four weeks, content videos will be shared biweekly in a private Facebook group that will expand further on the topics. 

The program is designed to be done in community. We encourage participants to sign up with a friend or two and meet at their own convenience to go over the materials. Each phase will have its own set of sharing challenges and our desire is that small groups can be a support and encouragement as participants work through the material together. 

Through VITAL, Hilde,  a social worker, found the courage to share her faith at work. “We work now in different shifts because of corona. Co-workers were always asking me when my boyfriend and I were going to move in together, but I never wanted to explain it. VITAL gave me the courage to explain my faith-based life decisions and my colleagues responded very respectfully. They asked me more questions about what it means to be an evangelical Christian and I now chat regularly with one of my colleagues about faith.” 


At this time, we are only offering VITAL in Dutch. 

Phase One: Showing others your faith 

  • It’s in the little things- sharing your faith doesn’t need to be complicated 
  • Using social media as a platform to share Jesus
  • Sharing your God stories 
  • Using existing events to introduce people to God

Phase Two: Preparing to go deeper

  • Finding the courage to start the conversation 
  • Legal rights in the workplace/school

Phase Three: Pointing people to God & Bible

  • Basics to go over when sharing the Gospel with someone
  • Common objections to Christianity and defenses
  • It’s not all on you, trust the Spirit will do the work 
  • How to read the Bible with Seekers
  • How should I pray for my non-Christian Friends?