Heilung durch Einheit in Jesus

Weil Manuel selbst die Liebe Gottes und seine kraftvolle Person erlebt hat, gibt er heute in Israel jedem, den er trifft, das Evangelium weiter.

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Share your faith in Israel

ISRAEL: What comes to mind?  Beautiful mountains? Mediterranean beaches? Deserts? Biblical sites? War? Terrorists? Bombings? We want you to share the hope of Christ to the hopeless. 
We are reaching out to Jews and Arabs. You can learn Hebrew or Arabic and use some English to communicate the Gospel of Jesus.

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Healing through unity in Christ

Having experienced God’s love and power personally, Manuel shares the gospel with everyone he meets in Israel.

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Jesus im Heiligen Land begegnen

Ein Moment des Gehorsams brachte zwei Männer dazu, sich für Jesus zu entscheiden – trotz der Gefahr, ihren Lebensunterhalt zu verlieren.

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Meeting Jesus in the Holy Land

One moment of obedience led to two men choosing to follow Jesus — despite the possible cost to their livelihoods.

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Easter – To Egypt and back to the future

"It was not until I came to a Jewish understanding of the Bible, however, that I realised the true meaning behind Easter," shares Gersham.

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God prepared a way

Leaving Latin America for Israel, the Navarez* family never expected some of the people God would lead them to in the country would be Latinos.

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Share God’s love in Israel: the land of the Bible, where God revealed His love and faithfulness to the world. This war-threatened, politically, and religiously divided land of almost nine million people, is home to 49 different people groups. Cutting-edge, high-technology industries have brought substantial economic inequality amongst its communities. Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages spoken, with many as 48 immigrant languages heard on its streets.

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Living with God as your provider

Petrus and Maria (South Africa) were led to radically give towards the needs of a family in Israel, not knowing how God would provide for themselves—and were blessed over and abundantly beyond what they hoped or even asked for.

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Equipping locals to share peace in a world of division

Gabriel equips local believers to share their faith in a world of division and conflict in Israel.

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