Pronunciation of Inspiro: ‚Äėin-SPEAR-o‚Äô‚ÄĒ like in the word ‚ÄėSpirit.‚Äô¬†¬†
Meaning: ‚Äėto inspire; excite, inflame; instill, implant; breathe into; blow upon/into.‚Äô

As Inspiro Arts Alliance, we want to: 

  • Breathe out artistic creations that will inspire others to worship God, and to witness to His love among the least reached¬†
  • Cultivate artists and empower them to live incarnationally in their com¬≠munities, using their local art forms to inspire local Jesus followers to worship Him in Spirit and in truth¬†
  • Build a network of ministries to en¬≠courage and support artists to walk in step with God, living under His breath giving them understanding of His in¬≠spired Word, from which they create art¬†
  • Develop resources to inspire and equip artists to create beautiful art, which points to the Word of God and the beautiful gospel


Building a global movement of artists on mission  

Every culture tells its story through the language of art‚ÄĒexpressing its values, spiritual dynamics, and ultimately, its worldview. Redemptive art creatively expresses the major themes of the Bible and engages our imagination to shape our personal lives and worldviews.¬†¬†

God had been raising up various artists within Operation Mobilisation (OM) to reach hearts through the arts since the early 1990s. With a desire to build a global movement of artists on mission, OM Arts International was founded in 2009. The goal was to create space for people to be moved by God’s beauty and truth and to help communities of Jesus followers be vibrant in their worship and witness. 

Over time, OM Arts grew from a provider of short-term mission trips to something more‚ÄĒequipping and placing artists on the mission field. This was done by helping OM fields establish arts ministries locally and investing in significant training events.

Training artists

Launched in early 2012 in Northern Italy, the OM Arts leadership team created a school, called Incarnate, for training artists as missionaries. This four-month programme stimulated artists to grow in their faith and learn how to effectively engage communities in the gospel through the arts.  

Igniting heart worship

Throughout these developments in the rest of OM Arts, Heart Sounds International (HSI) reached further into restricted places around the globe via ethnodoxology (the worship of God by ethnic groups or nations). It sought to ignite worship among the least-reached people groups of the world.  

A new name: Inspiro Arts Alliance

In 2019, OM Arts and all of its ministries, including its most well-known department Heart Sounds International, fully merged, both in operations and in branding. In early 2020, the newly integrated team changed its name to Inspiro Arts Alliance.


At Inspiro, we believe that you were specially made to help fulfill God's greater purpose. Sometimes people with artistic talents do not feel like they fit within traditional mission contexts. Inspiro works around the world in many settings and contexts. We like to think outside the box and want to help you find your place so you can thrive and be a part of what God is doing around the world.


Cultivating thriving artists and curators who empower vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

Incarnate is a 4-month course over two locations, an artist's journey of discipleship, theology and cross-cultural ministry. To find out more, check out this page.