REACH (formerly MDT): Equipping for the Nations



"Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”
- Philippians 4:9 (NIV)

We learn best when we learn together—and when we put it into practice.  Both are at the heart of OM’s intensive training programme: REACH. REACH is a 5 to 6-month missions experience. During this time, you will be trained and mentored while immersed in cross-cultural community and ministry. You will join people from other nations and backgrounds in a diverse international team at one of the many different REACH opportunities that we offer around the world.  Each training programme has its own unique flavour, style, and focus, and is unmistakably grounded in essential biblical values. REACH is a full-time, residential training programme. It’s designed for you to pull away from your normal life and give your full attention to the experience of living in a multi-cultural community, which will help prepare you for global missions.

Know what you believe, and why, and gain confidence in sharing your faith in any situation. Find out how the Word of God speaks into all aspects of your life: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. It’s all part of wanting to change the world while being willing for God to change you. Stop talking about proclaiming the gospel and start demonstrating it—that’s REACH in OM. When can we expect you?

“I had no idea I could learn so much and grow so close to God. A definite highlight of my life and something I’ll never forget. Changed forever. Ruined for the ordinary.”
- Nick (Australia)

Please contact us for more information about joining one of our REACH programmes

REACH: Sahel in Zambia

Language: English
Duration: 6 months
Commencement: 3 intakes per year of 3 months duration each. Mid-Jan to mid-Apr, May-July, Sept-Nov. Discipleship and Missions are separate streams running concurrently with students needing to complete two 3 month blocks to complete REACH.


REACH in Romania/Moldova

Language: English
Duration: 5 months or 1 year
Commencement: 5-months option (February to July)

Experience how God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things! Spend weeks in wild, challenging conditions. Build rafts, sail down rivers to villages where people have not heard of Jesus’ love, and explore castles and monasteries. Travel by bus or train, trek in the mountains, and even learn to ski or snowboard – demonstrating Christ’s love wherever you go. As part of an international team, you will practice new languages, share your life and faith with others, and learn the importance and power of discipleship as you help others in their walk with Jesus.


REACH in Ireland

Language: English
Duration: 5 months
Commencement: February - June

REACH is based in Rahara, County Roscommon. The REACH community will grow together in knowledge and love for God and His people, as well as our understanding of God's mission on earth. You will grow in our ability to lead, and in your understanding of how to impact communities of different cultures with the gospel by taking what you learn and using it in ministry opportunities. In Roscommon, the REACH community will seek to benefit the local community, and from Roscommon you will travel around Ireland to help local churches reach their communities with the gospel.


REACH: The City in the UK

Language: English
Duration: 5 months
Commencement: early January and early September

REACH: The City in the UK recognizes the move towards cities in the 21st century and their importance for world mission. We are responding to this reality by motivating and equipping individuals and couples who feel called to explore missions and their place in it. REACH: The City in the UK has two parts. The first part is an intensive period of mission training in the UK's two largest cities. The second part is a mission placement of 2 – 9 months. You will put learning into practice as you serve God in an effective urban ministry. REACH: The City in the UK will bring quality training and practical experience together in a way that will bring you lasting change!


REACH: Silk Road in Turkey

Language: English
Duration: 5 months
Commencement: January - July

We aim to give you: knowledge and experiences to help you grow, and continue growing, in your knowledge of and intimacy with God and awareness of who you are in Christ. We also aim to give you an understanding of God's heart for the nations. We particularly focus on what God is doing amongst Muslim people in the world and within our movement, while exposing you to various opportunities. You will learn biblical and proven skills and tools to engage Muslim people. You will be provided with opportunities to apply what you`ve learned within Turkey and another Muslim countries.

REACH: Silk Road (Turkey) is a 5-month discipleship programme. It is a unique opportunity for you to connect with people who have not heard of Jesus’ love. You will also be able to grow in your faith and your relationship with God and others.


REACH: Sahel in Ghana

Language: English
Duration: 5 month REACH training with an optional 3 months cross-cultural training (Sahel)
Commencement: February - July (REACH Training); September - December (cross-cultural Training)
Age: 20-50

REACH: Sahel in Ghana is an intensive cross-cultural discipleship training that involves equipping believers for the nations, with the ambition of seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers among those who have not heard of His love. It is a 5-month, intensive residential training focused on spiritual formation, the understanding of God’s mission, and becoming equipped to reach those who have not heard of Jesus’ love, especially in the Sahel. Participants will be exposed to diverse practical ministry experiences such as school ministry, Kayaye ministry, medical outreaches, visits to communities that have not heard of Jesus’ love, and time with mission workers on the field to get the feel for what their daily life is like.


REACH in South Africa

Language: English
Duration: 6 months (plus additional 6 months placement)
Commencement: February - July and September - January

We live in a community of many nations and cultures from across the world, learning how to understand and grow together. In addition to this, we take you on several outreaches and ministry days to discover the wide variety of communities, cultures, and ministries God is using in South Africa. We aim to prepare you, equip you, and expand your worldview as you discover all that God has prepared in advance for you to do!



Pray that a wave of Jesus followers will rise up and invest in a REACH experience and that many of them will transfer into a lifetime of sharing God's love with others.


Particularly in developing countries, many young believes are passionate and ready to serve but lack resources for training. You could enable some of them to be equipped to share God's love with others.


Is your faith big enough to reflect God? A REACH experience could be your gateway to a life well-lived. Let’s talk!