Walk and talk about Jesus

El Camino de Santiago isn’t just for nature lovers, hike enthusiasts and those passionate about the historically religious pilgrimage. It's also for Jesus followers looking to share the gospel.

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Conversational business, conversational ministry

Doors open and doors close as Jena shares the love of Christ through her life in the Arabian Peninsula.

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God is building His Church

Algerian believers share the miraculous way God is drawing people to Himself, despite continued persecution of Jesus followers.

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God’s Word does not return void

Spurred by his own coming-to-faith story, one OM worker passionately serves Central Asians through digital media.

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Let go and let God

After a year of excited anticipation, Doulos Hope, the newest addition to OM Ships, is ready to begin her journey in East Asia.

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Love thy neighbour

In Southeast Asia, OM teams and partners are working to teach the next generation that love is a great unifier.

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Church planting among Ukrainians

A church service in the Netherlands shifts from being run for Ukrainians to being run by Ukrainians.

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A community of love

In the midst of the destruction caused by earthquakes in Turkey, small communities of Jesus followers continue to demonstrate what it means to love one another.

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Inspired worship

Ann invites other artists to embrace their cultural identity, as well as their identity as Christ followers, in their art.

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Easter – To Egypt and back to the future

"It was not until I came to a Jewish understanding of the Bible, however, that I realised the true meaning behind Easter," shares Gersham.

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Combining engineering with God’s mission

Josh's concern for finding answers to humanity’s big problems — especially sustainable energy solutions — sparked an interest in engineering that eventually led him to Ukraine.

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'We will not give up'

In an area where the population is mostly Buddhist, OM workers are seeing people turn to Christ after seeing the difference He makes.

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Fishers of men

Along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, new Jesus followers were not content to keep the good news to themselves. Instead, they started to share with neighbouring areas.

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A ministry of caring for creation 

“It seems that people want to eliminate the environment,” shared Sinesio. “On the farm we do the opposite; we are restoring the environment."

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Accounting for God's Kingdom

Restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic presented new opportunities for Juan to connect with more finance people virtually.

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The power of prayer

Prayer and persistence were key in David's journey to becoming a believer. “Pray for countries even if you don’t know anyone there," he urges.

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From prostitution to new life

Since 1999 the Tamar Center has been reaching women in a red-light district in Thailand, offering them the hope of Jesus.

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A 15-day walk for discipleship

South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, has great poverty, civil unrest and a rapidly growing Church.

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For an audience of One

As a child, Taylor dreamt of travelling the world. Today, as a videographer with OM, she films stories across the globe that encourage the Church to get involved with God’s plan for missions.

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Equipping people to be effective, fruitful and multiply

"Today, it is still the ‘OM way’ to welcome people who want to love God and love others around the world, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to thrive in mission," Tami says.

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