Truth that transforms

Sekelemane and Maselimo are sowing seeds of truth and faithfully discipling those in their circles of influence in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.

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Reach out, mobilise, release and restore

Eighteen years ago, an OM ministry was formed to support those living with HIV. Today, that ministry has grown.

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Homeless Ministry Assistant

As an assistant in this ministry you would come alongside other believers in feeding the poor and engaging in other tasks at a local homeless shelter. Your purpose would be to visit and encourage these souls in the darkest time of their lives.

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Anti-trafficking Intervention and Awareness Officers

If you have a heart for women under sexual exploitation this is a strategic and varied opportunity to get involved in the fight against human trafficking in Central Asia. You could be working to support and meet the immediate needs of those under exploitation or to spread awareness of human trafficking and God's heart to end it.

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Bookshop Assistant

Assistant at a freedom business that helps victims of trafficking with employment and life-skills training.

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From prostitution to new life

Since 1999 the Tamar Center has been reaching women in a red-light district in Thailand, offering them the hope of Jesus.

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Polish people helping neighbours

The OM team in Poland rallied hundreds of volunteers to serve the needs of Ukrainians impacted by the war.

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Faith through transition

Millions of people have been displaced from their homes due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. In the storm of trials, Stefan, an OM worker, constantly sees God’s provision so he can serve others.

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Share God’s love in this war-torn, politically divided land of over forty million people, with its deep divisions between the 35 different people groups.

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Share God’s love with the friendly people of Austria: a country famous for its culture, music, and arts. Its political stability and material prosperity also draw many refugees and migrants seeking hope and a better life.

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