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  • om_-_together_today_new_zealand

    OM - Together, Today New Zealand

  • om_together_today

    OM Together, Today

    Forget yesterday.

  • om_our_story_english

    OM Our Story (English)

    We are a global community of Jesus followers. Since our beginnings, we have been driven by a deep conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to hear the gospel at least once. So we went.

  • om_china_-_faith_in_action

    OM China - Faith in Action

    God is working through His people in China. Brothers and Sisters in Christ are putting their faith into action, serving the marginalised and disadvantaged in creative and sustainable ways.

  • surf_church_porto_project_2016


    We are a colorful bunch of people that follow the teachings of Jesus. We study the bible together, share meals, sing songs, surf and love life. We think that is what the bible calls church. We want to be a church for the young Portuguese people in the north of Portugal.

  • surf_church_viana_2018

    Surf Church Viana 2018

    Learn about the offshoot church plant in a little Town an hour north of where the first church in Porto was started

  • finding_hope_in_the_balkans

    Finding hope in the Balkans

    OM teams in the Balkans work with women and families in abusive situations to find holistic change and healing.

  • philippines_relief_development

    Philippines Relief & Development

    OM's relief and development ministries were birthed from two back to back disasters; a powerful earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan, which together devastated the areas of Bohol and Leyte.

  • bless_primary_school

    Bless Primary School

    This is a story about a small group of children living in a village in the northern area of Bangladesh. Most of them need to start working by the age of 6. The easiest job to get is rolling cigarettes. They work 8 hours a day rolling cigarettes for US$1 pay.

  • the_freedom_challenge_-_cathey

    The Freedom Challenge - CATHEY

    The Freedom Challenge is a movement of passionate women dedicated to freeing oppressed and enslaved women and children all around the world.