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We are currently actively seeking to fill a number of key roles within our OM France team. Do you sense God’s call on your life to take up one of these vital positions?

  • Ministry among the Turkish-speaking people

    For many years the nearly 1 million Turkish speaking people in France were completely unreached by the gospel. The Turkishspeaking people are an isolated group of people, well known for their lack of integration into the French culture and society.

  • “Opération Phare” (Operation Lighthouse)

    Following numerous consultations with pastors of local churches in the centre as well as the south of Brittany, we could picture a painful reality of some of their most isolated church members:just like the “Ar-Men” lighthouse (off the Finistère shore) is the most isolated at sea, similarly local church members, faithful witnesses of Jesus-Christ, are liable to find themselves isolated in their region.

  • Operation FIL2019

    The Lorient Interceltic Festival. From 28th July to 11th August 2019

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'They don’t understand what love is'

Noy* had come a long way from her childhood in an impoverished village in Southeast Asia: She now lived in a city with money to spend, wealthy friends to accompany her and classes to attend. Yet, she still felt emptiness gnawing at her heart.

One day, she opened her Bible for the first time in many years, and, flipping through the pages, she broke down in tears. She dialled her father, a pastor in her home village. 

“I have something to tell you,” she said. She had turned her back on God and lied to him about reading her Bible ever since moving away from the village at the age of 14. 

“I know,” he replied. 

Choked with emotion, Noy’s voice softens as she describes what followed: “He said he forgave me. And he said God still loved me and wanted me back.” 

Noy decided to commit her future to God. “I don’t know where and when,” she prayed, but “I promise that when I finish college I will serve [You].”   

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What does OM do?

We seek to be shaped by Christ to have a transformational impact in our world, in our own lives and also in others, through training and mentoring initiatives which last. OM France partners with the local church to proclaim life in Jesus to all, mobilising, equipping and discipling the people of God, to glorify Him to the ends of the earth.

We are involved in:


    Every year we organise around ten outreaches in France, allowing participants to share their faith by a variety of means, working alongside the local church. 


    Our goal is to bring the gospel and to restore hope to those people who are victims of exclusion, and who suffer from social or economic injustice.


    We want to help the church to equip Christian young people, and to encourage them in their relationship with God.


    We plan to take an active role in the CNEF’s (National Council of French Evangelicals) nation-wide project “1 for 10,000


    In France, OM is not involved in humanitarian aid projects. However, OM is involved in a range of projects of this type on an international level.

Why OM

At its heart, OM is a movement whose DNA is a group of people completely sold out to Jesus Christ and His commands. Moved by the Holy Spirit, we cross boundaries, we push limits. We want OM to remain a movement of God, utterly dependent upon Him and showing that dependence by our commitment to His Word and to waiting upon Him in prayer.

“Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.” PSALM 96:3