Kapcsolódj Hozzánk

There are many possibilities for you to partner with us! 

If you are interested in knownig more of what mission is in practise, you can take part in our short time work. We are running several OM camps every Summer in Hungary. And we really need people to make them happen. So if you want to have a taste of mission, come along with us learning practical dependance on the Lord.

If you have a possibility to work as a volunteer for few weeks or months, we are glad to have you amongst us. 

And if you are searching for your place in the mission, maybe for a longer period in OM, a few years time in Hungary or somewhere else in the world, this could be your place


And meanwhile you can pray for all those people around the world, who have never heard what Jesus has done for them. Would you pray also for those who are already serving in OM and for those who are looking for their place in our mission family. Thank you for your prayers!

Partnering in HUNGARY


Partnering in PRAYER