Ministry opportunities in Italy

Since the 1960’s OM has worked alongside believers and churches to help them live out the gospel message. In this time OM in Italy has served in distributing and selling Christian literature, evangelizing in various ways on streets and squares all over the Italian peninsula, and initiated new communities and churches as well as supporting the poor and the oppressed. Since 2014, the OM Italia team is based in Pisa, Tuscany. OM Italia works alongside local churches and believers, taking the Gospel of Christ to the Italian people, so they may have a real relationship with Jesus and reflect Him in their daily life.

How does OM Italia pursue this vision?

  • Evangelism: we help believers and churches to spread the good news of the Gospel. We offer ongoing services for churches to further develop their skills, abilities and strategies. By using biblical principles and building relationships we want to show God’s heart for the local people in Italy. We use different ministries to do this, for example we organize weekly English conversation nights in a pub in Pisa, which allow us to create great contacts with local people.
  • Discipleship: we walk alongside people. Many Italian churches are small and don’t have enough qualified staff to care for their communities, especially for young people. We help churches through youth camps, TeenStreet, discipleship courses and opportunities to serve short-term within Italy or abroad. In Fucecchio, a small town close to Pisa we reach out to young people through English classes, help with homework and sports activities.
  • Justice: in order to be relevant in our community in a holistic way, we pursue justice and reach out to people suffering from injustice. Through the Anti-Trafficking ministry, we reach out on a weekly basis to women caught in prostitution. Through short-term trips in Italy and Europe we offer opportunities to bring hope and relief to people in need.


How you can get involved:

  • PRAY
    • Pray for the – typically very small - Italian Churches. So there may be unity and through the Gospel they can impact their neighborhoods and reflect Jesus in a relevant way.
    • Pray for boldness, so Italians get involved in Missions and reach the ends of the world with the good news, using their gifts and talents.
    • Pray for God-given hope in the hearts of Italians. So they may find an everlasting hope in Jesus, as their hope in politics and the economy has been disappointed and lost again and again.
  • GIVE  
    • Give here ( to help support the work of OM in Italy.
    • Give and support one specific ministry, one specific missionary or help to cover everyday office costs.
  • GO  

More information about Italy

  • Population: 61 million
  • Official language: Italian
  • State of economy: Close to a crisis-situation
  • Religious make-up: 71.1% Catholic (only 25.4% practicing), 12.4% non-religious, 3.7% Islam, 1% Evangelical, 12,8% Other minority religions
  • State of the church: Italian Evangelical churches make less than 1% of the population. Even though there has been a growth in number of churches in Italy there are still many areas that do not have a vibrant community of Jesus followers among them.


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