OM’s work in India began in 1963 when the first long, overland truck arrived in the country. OM’s international workers came alongside Indian national Christians in partnership to present the Good News about Jesus in a loving way to those who did not yet know the living God.  Over the years, as the work in India developed, the national believers gained valuable experience and developed strong ministry skills.  Gradually the international workers handed over the work to the nationals.  It was this significant event that was the strategic turning point for OM in India.  The humble work that began with only a few dedicated workers had grown to an indigenously-run movement of thousands of Indian believers.

In 2012, OM India became GS/OMI, a separate, autonomous church-based movement led by Indian nationals, who now partners with OM. GS/OMI’s work includes church planting, discipleship and evangelism, as well as education, healthcare, economic development, justice work and training, especially amongst the Dalit peoples.