Bulgaria is a nation with many hidden treasures, full of history and coloured with opportunity. It is strategically placed as the gateway between the ‘Muslim world’ and ‘Christian Europe’ bordering Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south and the beautiful Black Sea to the East.  It is a nation with an active past, being rooted in the Ottoman Empire controlled from there and later under communism as ‘Russia’s little brother’. It’s an Orthodox country of 7.5 million with much spiritual bondage, many links to the occult, but a nation that needs Christ. 

Bulgaria ranks as the third largest country in South-Eastern Europe (after Romania and Greece). It is picturesque with the Balkan, Rodopi and Rila mountain ranges, including the highest peak in the Balkan region, Musala. The Danube and Thracian plains represent Bulgaria’s lowest and most fertile regions. Here grows the famous ‘liquid gold’ of Bulgaria - rose oil - which is used to make perfumes, chocolates, liqueur and jam, and which has been cultivated in the Rose Valley for more than 300 years. Bulgaria is also known for its yoghurt, considered the healthiest in Europe due to a unique native bacteria.

OM partners with associates based in Sofia, but continues to be lead from abroad until appropriate full-time workers have been identified to further develop the work here. International outreach teams work alongside associates in reaching the local community, with the hope that their first-hand experience of Bulgaria will give them ample opportunity to fall in love with this beautiful nation. Our primary focus is to work with the national church in facilitating the growth and development of the body of Christ in Bulgaria, through training and outreach and providing Bulgarians the opportunity to serve cross-culturally in missions.

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