Share God’s love with the people of Guatemala where the effects of the 1976 earthquake, followed by war deprivation, have called the people to choose the way of peace. Share with children and mothers in practical ways, supporting schools’ projects, co-working with foreign and local doctors distributing free medical attention.  Reveal God’s heart for His world, both within and outside Guatemala.

Sharing the love of God practically

Guatemala’s eighteen million people are a nation of great diversity but enormous challenges. More than half of the population live below the national poverty line, and 23% exist in extreme poverty. Past colonial influences have produced a rich, distinctive culture with African undertones in the religious ceremonial songs, dances and food. Guatemala is also prone to natural disasters. Its exports include coffee, sugar and bananas – and people. Thousands of Guatemalan people emigrate to Mexico, USA and Canada in search of a better life. Over half of those who remain are under 19.

Many children leave education after the age of 11, and are vulnerable to risk, and gang influences.  Helping young people make wise life choices will positively impact their futures, through schools’ visits and in day care centres.

A big group of teens were waiting for a bus when some team members approached them. They said they’d been to church but had no idea they could have a personal relationship with Jesus. The team explained how they could know and follow Jesus; they all held hands and prayed together. The presence of God touched and changed their lives forever. As a team member said, "The light of hope, which Jesus offers, shone clearly today.”

Jesus followers in Guatemala

Officially, there is religious freedom in the country.  Figures state that 95 per cent of the nation are Christian, with many still to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Churches exist in all but one of the 60 peoples’ groups. Followers of Jesus aim to disciple young believers in a deep personal relationship with God and reach out to others who do not yet know Him.  Workers are needed to go into other parts of the world as visible expressions of God’s love.

Come to the capital city, Guatemala City, teeming with three million relational people. The majority language is Spanish, and its people would love to talk to you and learn more about you as a foreigner!  If you would like to make an impact in people's lives locally and practically, we would love to welcome you.  Any international worker can live alongside national Jesus followers: you do not need specialist skills. Just be willing to share your personal journey of faith.

Whether you come for a long, or short time, or join us remotely; or whether you pray, or invest in lives through financial support, there are many ways for you to share God’s love with the people in Guatemala.