Share God’s love with the people of this vibrant, spontaneous ethnically diverse nation in 21st century Brazil. Engage with youth through social media, encourage cross-cultural networking, and motivate participation in what God is doing globally.


Sharing the love of God practically

Brazil’s 213 million people are eager to profit from their recession-recovering nation.  The largest and most populated country in South America, Brazil exports coffee, cassava, crude oil, electricity and natural minerals, but is challenged by deforestation, high inflation and high unemployment. There is a large divide between rich and poor, with gang warfare, corruption, child labour and prostitution abounding. Migrant workers from Europe and Asia seek jobs in Brazil. Equally, massive inflation is sending nationals to seek professional employment overseas – taking their skills and values with them into the international workplace.

By training future professionals to live out God’s love in their workplace, wherever that might be, sharing God’s love with children and young people in Brazil through teaching values in Sunday School, or sports such as football, there are many opportunities in Brazil for everyone’s future.


Jesus followers in Brazil

Officially, there is religious freedom in this country. Official figures state that 89 per cent of the population are Christian, with rapid growth in the last forty years. Cities have many churches, but many needs. Up to one-third of the populations of major cities - Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo - live in crime-filled slums. 322 different people groups are represented in Brazil, with thousands yet to hear of God’s love for the first time. Catholicism has a big influence on government and society.  Many international groups work alongside national believers, both in the cities and rural areas.

Come to the capital city of Brasilia, teeming with its population of nearly five million, where faith, energy, adaptability, and talent (sport, music, dance) opens doors and share the love of God - by talking – [in Portuguese] and lending a hand to whatever opportunity comes along. Or in less busy locations, where international workers can live alongside national Jesus followers, bringing a multicultural perspective.  People with courage to dream big and share their vision of God’s immense love will surely have spiritual impact within the national churches.

In Brazil, when churches closed during Covid 19, pastors saw the importance of supporting believers to live for God even if they couldn’t go to church. This meant building, inspiring and motivating others, through sharing their personal journey of faith.

Whether you come for a long, or short time, or whether you pray, or invest in lives through financial support, there are many ways for you to share God’s love with the people in Brazil.