Share God’s love with the passionate, caring people of Pakistan who openly express love for their nation and its sport, cricket.  Share love by helping build up the country’s communities for the long-term.

You can engage with eager Pakistanis in a variety of ways and make a difference in their lives. Ayaan for example, a local Jesus follower, encourages young people to worship and love music, rather than take drugs and waste their lives. “I hope these young people will be good future church leaders, with a strong foundation,” he said. “I hope they will be able to work in the community, helping people and bringing them to Jesus.”


Sharing the love of God for life

Pakistan’s 238 million people are remarkably determined.  Conditions are improving, life-expectancy increasing.  Yet there is still much poverty and a need for literacy, to prepare the nation for the 21st century, and its requirements. The message of Jesus is key in enabling women to know how to support their families and children, in helping fathers to lead their communities wisely and train younger men to take their place in society.

Share love with children and young people in and around national churches through kids’ programmes. Help them make wise life choices. Share love with national believers through teaching what the Bible says, and how it applies to everyday life.

Share love through practical care to families after natural disasters, such as earthquakes and flooding. Due to global warming, Pakistan has suffered greatly in past years. There is continuing need for acts of love and mercy in relief and rehabilitation, as well as supporting those fleeing danger.


Jesus followers in Pakistan

Officially, there is religious freedom, although Pakistan’s 96.4 per cent Muslims can at times provide opposition to Jesus followers. These are role-modelling their faith in practical ways. They encourage national believers to trust God; and seekers to ask questions of faith. For, despite challenging circumstances, people are hungry for truth.

Sharing love within church communities can change hearts, bring understanding and openness of spiritual needs - without fear of offending the religious majority. International workers can share faith in a personal way, with respect and appreciation for the local cultures and ways. By hearing and witnessing individuals’ stories of transformation and sharing them with a wider audience, you will encourage heart connections globally.

Whether you come for a long, or short time, or whether you pray, or invest in lives through financial support, there are many opportunities for you to share God’s love with the people of Pakistan.