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Missionary work

  1. R64482

    Administrative Assistant

    ... S4659 Do you like to work administratively and organizationally and thus support other services and members across departments? Your tasks: Support the head of administrator Assistance in personnel administration, including entry/exit administration, work ... 続きを読む
  2. R57842

    Team Member Building Bridges Linz

    ... S4667 Is your heart beating for immigrants from mostly Muslim background? Your Tasks (after individual consultation) Building relationships with immigrants Visiting immigrants Evangelistic outreaches Home Bible study groups Practical help Helping with ... 続きを読む
  3. R53900

    Team Member Arts Team Vienna

    ... S4846 Do you have a heart for reaching people with the Gospel in creative ways? Do you want to contribute and develop your experience and skills in a growing ministry? Using your artistic gifts to build relationships Collaborating in evangelistic ... 続きを読む
  4. R49413

    Church Planter

    ... S5156 Since our beginnings, we have been driven by a deep conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to hear the gospel at least once. Sadly, there are still thousands of peoples and communities that have never heard about Jesus, ever. We are ... 続きを読む
  5. R65996

    Financial Development Manager

    ... S5136 FD: Income generation is critical to ensure that our ministries are well resourced, and our personnel fulfil their roles to their best capacity. We believe that there needs to be a healthy balance between income generation from within Zambia, ... 続きを読む
  6. R48575

    STEP: Short Term Experience Program

    ... S3132 STEP out to serve and support long-term ministry and gain valuable experience. You will learn some of the local Arabic and be immersed in culture, while supporting long-termers in their ministries or in supportive roles like child-minding or home ... 続きを読む
  7. R57842

    Team Member Building Bridges Graz

    ... S4666 Is your heart beating for immigrants from mostly Muslim background? Do you have a passion to pass on God's love holistically? Your Tasks (after individual agreement) Building relationships with immigrants Visiting immigrants Evangelistic ... 続きを読む
  8. R59024

    Internships in Ireland

    ... S4647 Are you looking for an opportunity to explore your gifting and passions? Or are you a student who wants to practice their vocation in a cross-cultural setting? OM is mobilising young Jesus followers to join our international team and serve and ... 続きを読む
  9. R55272

    Farm Manager

    ... S5182 Kansuli Farm is a sustainable project of OM Lake Tanganyika. It is a means of assisting local missionaries as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ, funding local ministries and the farm is an access path to sharing the gospel to nearby communities. ... 続きを読む
  10. R56417

    Sustainable Development Manager

    ... S5177 Do you have a heart to see people in mission field, to succeed in reaching the world with full gospel in all areas of life, spiritual, emotional, financial, and intellectual? Then we need you at Lake Tanganyika. The sustainable projects done at Lake ... 続きを読む