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    Preparing for missions

    God prepared Stephanie to train teachers in Zambia through her family legacy and the skills her parents taught her.

    • Generational gospel reach

      Heart believes that a large part of living a life centred on the gospel is the willingness to lay down her own desires as a sacrifice before God.

    • Continuing to follow the call

      Janice and William believe that the mission field is all around them — whether that be on a ship, in a foreign country or at home.

    • 'Not my will, but Yours'

      “Missions is one way we serve Him,” Tewana said. “We can serve Him wherever He would choose to send us, to children, at home with your family…I would say seek His face so that you will know that you are doing what He wants."

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    Love is spelt T-I-M-E

    Sharing the gospel with the least reached is particularly difficult in rural parts of North Africa where any attempts to minister to the local Muslim community by Jesus followers may result in deportation or imprisonment. While an estimated 200 believers are in the area, they must keep a low profile or risk being ostracised by their family and society, which can result in loss of employment or physical persecution. In this remote area, going to the doctor — a task many in the West may find inconvenient but not challenging — can take several days.

    Despite these difficulties, Anna* and her husband, Noah*, use their skills to help share the gospel and create meaningful relationships within the community.

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    What does OM do in Moldova?

    • Mobilising

      Imparting a vision for mission to the local and global Church and coming alongside believers in taking their first steps in mission

    • Equipping

      Equipping believers to become disciple-makers and part of creating new communities of Jesus followers where He is not yet known

    • Reaching Moldova's Least Reached

      Hands-on involvement to share Christ and help plant churches in the least reached areas of Moldova