Ukraine Disaster Response

When war broke out in Ukraine - which borders Moldova on the north, east and south - we redirected a lot of our ministry towards helping those affected by this new crisis.

Moldova is the country that - relative to its population - has taken in most refugees from Ukraine, even though the country is poor and lives with the fear of being dragged into the war itself.
A big part of the refugee aid in Moldova is done through local evangelical churches and Christian organisations. It has been amazing to see how they all responded immediately, with much generosity, and we are happy to be able to be part of coordinating this country-wide Christian response.

These are the main aspects of our refugee ministry:

  • From the very first days of the war, until late 2022, we were present at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. At Palanca, which is the most frequented border crossing from the Ukraine, we could set up a tent at the place where refugees wait to cross into Moldova. There we offered warm meals, drinks, blankets, hygiene products etc., as well as information, conversation and prayer.
  • We have taken in refugees at our OM buildings and take care of their practical needs, like accommodation, food or practical assistance with documents etc. We also offer them various activities, counselling sessions, spiritual input and fellowship. As the majority of our team are Moldovan nationals, who can communicate easily with Ukrainians, there are many opportunities for deeper conversations with the refugees, as well as having a spiritual message included in many activities.
  • Over the years we have built a big network and good relationships with churches across Moldova, as well as with other organisations, which now enables us to help coordinate the country-wide Christian response to the Ukraine crisis.

    We also directly support churches that have taken in refugees themselves, e.g. by providing food packages or helping to cover their increased expenses for electricity or gas.

  • We take part in organising and driving aid deliveries to the OM team in Ukraine, for further distribution there. Through a network that stretches across the Ukraine, the team there is helping to move people towards the West, and transport food and emergency goods to the East where supplies are needed.

Read stories from these ministries in this special edition of "Moldova News".


In praying for all of these ministries, please pray:
a) for the refugees to receive the immediate help they need, as well as hope and guidance for their future, and that many of them will have good conversations with Christian workers and true encounters with God
b) for wisdom and strength for all the workers - within OM and throughout the churches - who serve  these refugees
c) for continued provision of the necessary finances and supplies

Please pray for peace in Ukraine and that a way will be found to end the conflict.

Pray also for this whole region of the world - e.g. repeated attempts to create instability in Transnistria (the breakaway region in Moldova) have fed the fear that Moldova may be drawn into the war.

Financial gifts

Donations to help us supply this aid should be made to your local OM office, stating the purpose as “Ukrainian Crisis Response in Moldova”.

Your donations not only help us to cover what we directly use for providing aid at the border or for housing refugees at our OM buildings but can also support our partnering churches who have joined in helping those in need.

Thank you for your active contribution to these ministries! It is your faithful support just as much as our effort that is making this possible, as together we partner in God’s work.