We are thankful for the faithful and generous partners who financially provide for the work and workers, taking up this crucial but often unseen part in the ministry. Your gifts enable us to share the gospel and show God’s love in practical ways, seeing lives and communities transformed by Him.

Where can I make a difference through a donation?

Here are a few suggestions where your financial contribution would be appreciated:

  • Support a Moldovan OM worker who is serving in Moldova or in global mission. Raising their personal support, as all OM workers have to do, is a special challenge for Moldovans and many of our national workers are under-supported. You could help us fill the gap with a donation for “under-supported workers” or become a regular partner of a specific Moldovan OM worker.
  • Contribute to one of our relief & development projects, thus helping to meet some desperate physical needs as well as enabling local workers to build relationships and bring the gospel to these people and build bridges to new communities that have no believers. Specify a project of your choice or donate more generally for “relief of need” to allow money to be used where most needed at the time.
  • Give towards the ministry of our Local Ministry Teams, who live and serve within local unreached communities to help plant churches. This money can help them meet some local needs in the community, allow them to organise events and activities with children or youth, or help cover expenses such as costs for travelling between villages.
  • Donate funds for a training programme like MDTe³ or “Challenge into Missions” - this can help purchase outreach equipment, help cover hospitality or travel costs during training and outreaches periods or allow us to subsidise Moldovan or Romanian participants who cannot afford the full programme fees.

How can I give?

Donate to your local OM office, clearly indicating the purpose (“Moldova” and the specific project or person you want to support).

To give online or to see if your country offers online giving or tax-refunds, check

(There you will also find featured projects from other parts of the world that are in need of funding)