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We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

We desire for Christ’s love to be shared with those who have never had the chance to meet Him, and as OM in Moldova we work towards this in a three-fold approach:

  • Mobilising believers for mission, helping them to understand the need and their unique potential to bring change, as well as come alongside them to take practical steps - this includes the goal to send more Moldovan missionaries to the least reached of the world, as well as providing one stepping stone towards mission for believers from other countries.
  • Equipping local and international believers so they will become an effective part of creating communities of Jesus followers where He is not yet known, making disciples who themselves go to make new disciples and carry God’s love and truth into new places and communities.
  • Being involved hands-on to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached in Moldova, sharing Christ and supporting church planting initiatives in areas of the country that have no communities of believers yet.


Around the world, millions have never had the chance to encounter Jesus, and even in Moldova, many districts have no community of believers to demonstrate Christ’s love to its neighbours. Though every believer is called and uniquely created to pass on the love of Jesus, many do not fully understand the scale of the need or know how to respond.

Together, we help to bring a vision of how each unique individual can fit into God’s big picture.


Followers of Jesus all over the world share the desire to pass on the love they themselves have received. However, many are not confident about how they can share Christ through their lives.

Together, we equip believers for ministry and support them in taking their next step.

Reaching Moldova's Least Reached

The gospel has spread in amazing ways in Moldova since the country first opened after the fall of the Soviet Union. However, there are still significant areas in the country that have never had any community of true Jesus followers established in their midst.

Together, we get involved hands-on to see this reality change.


Background to the ministry in Moldova

The ministry of OM in Moldova is better understood against its background: the framework given by the social, economic and spiritual situation of the country, as well as the history of OM’s involvement in the country in the past. (Read more…)