“Go therefore and make disciples…” - Jesus

Followers of Jesus all over the world share the desire to pass on the love they themselves have received. However, many are not confident about how they can share Christ through their lives.

Together, we equip believers for ministry and support them in taking their next step.

REACH (formely Mission Discipleship Training MDTe³)
Challenge into Missions
Training local workers

God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His Kingdom. Our various training programmes help to prepare and equip followers of Jesus who desire to obey His call, or are already in ministry, but seek further support and growth. Our desire is to not only pass on knowledge, but to come alongside people so they can grow closer to God, find a passion for sharing the gospel and become disciples who themselves go and make new disciples.

REACH (formerly Mission Discipleship Training MDTe³)

REACH (formely MDT) in Moldova and Romania is a five-month course for young believers from across the globe, discipling and equipping them to take part in creating vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the nations. It is a unique cross-cultural experience combining Adventure, Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Study and Evangelism. Teaching and practice take place in Moldova and Romania, focusing on spiritual growth & leadership, mentoring & discipleship, mission & evangelism and cross-cultural adventure.

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Challenge into Missions

“Challenge into Missions” is a training specifically for young Moldovan believers, where they are helped to grow in their faith and in their understanding of mission, get equipped for sharing the gospel and immediately put it all into practice. Training sessions alternate with outreaches in Moldovan villages, bringing the gospel to Moldovan communities while equipping the participants for future ministry. At the end of the training students have acquired a better understanding of global and local mission needs, as well as the desire and the practical skills needed to share Christ - whether they return to their local communities or go on to become involved in global mission.

Training local workers

We are also constantly looking out to identify specific training needs of Moldovan believers - whether pastors and church planters or new believers - and seek to support them by offering adequate training to help them grow wherever they are.