“The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore pray…” - Jesus

Around the world, millions have never had the chance to encounter Jesus, in whose image they are created, and every day thousands get added to this number. Even in Moldova, many districts have no community of believers to demonstrate Christ’s love to its neighbours.

Though every believer is called and uniquely created to pass on the love of Jesus, many do not fully understand the scale of the need or know how to respond.

Together, we help to bring a vision of how each unique individual can fit into God’s big picture.

short-term outreaches
Mobilising the Moldovan Church
Moldovans in global missions

Short-term outreaches

Short-term outreaches in Moldova offer believers from around the world a practical taste of mission, as for a week or two they come alongside various ministries in Moldova, sharing the gospel and experiencing how God can use them to bring joy, hope and transformation, and being encouraged to continue investing their lives in God’s Kingdom.

Especially over the summer months (Jun-Aug) there are many different outreach options for groups or individuals - from trekking or travelling on a raft down the river Nistru in Moldova’s least reached area to running week-long day-camps for children or coming alongside a church plant through practical work - but there are also possibilities for groups to experience short-term outreaches throughout the rest of the year.

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Specific short-term opportunities for Moldovan groups help them become aware of needs and possibilities for ministry among their own people as well as offering some experiences of inter-cultural ministry.

The Bus4Life, which visits Moldova several times throughout the year, is a valuable tool for such short-term outreaches, as it attracts curiosity and provides an easy starting point for conversations. It is used especially with Moldovan short-term teams, helping them grow in their courage and ability to share the gospel with their own people.

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Mobilising the Moldovan Church

While outreach locations focus on the least reached areas of the country, we maintain close partnerships with existing churches, seeking to mobilise and effectively combine resources to reach the least reached of Moldova and the world. By organising youth events or speaking at churches throughout the country, we seek to develop an awareness of global needs and realities, directing the focus of the Church to what God is doing around the world and how they can be part of bringing His love to those who have not yet encountered it - in their own country and to the ends of the earth.

We encourage the Moldovan Church to pray for the world as well as send and support Moldovan missionaries.

Moldovans in global missions

Moldovan believers have a heart for the world. Currently Moldovan nationals not only make up the majority of OM workers in Moldova, but also serve in areas of the world like the Middle East or East Asia.

Together, we can send and support more Moldovans to go and share Christ with the least reached of the world.