REACH in Moldova and Romania (formerly MDTe³)

God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His Kingdom!

This five-month course will challenge you to share Christ in new ways, help you grow in your personal faith and identity and equip you for living your life for God’s purpose. Explore and discuss Biblical truths, share your faith in creative ways, experience deep fellowship, grow through mentoring!

REACH in Moldova and Romania is open to participants from all around the world and offers a unique cross-cultural experience combining Adventure, Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Study and Evangelism:

In-depth study sessions enable you to explore and discuss Biblical truths as well as develop a deeper understanding of missions and practical skills for sharing the gospel.

Your personal growth is stimulated as you are being mentored and discipled, while also learning how to lead and come alongside others.

During outreach periods you share your faith in creative ways, using tools like sports, puppets or drama, or demonstrating God’s love through practical service and humanitarian aid.

At the same time, you create unforgettable memories as you spend several weeks living in unusual circumstances - whether you travel around by horse and cart, or float on a raft down the river Nistru to the least reached villages of Moldova, or witness while you ski and snowboard in the Romanian mountains.

Being part of an international team in a foreign culture is certain to expose you to cross-cultural interaction that broadens your worldview, as well as the experience of deep fellowship as you share your life and faith with others.

How can I join?

If you are aged 18-35 and have a passion for God’s Kingdom and a desire to grow in faith, we would love to welcome you to REACH in Moldova & Romania. No previous experience or training is required. Every year the program runs from January/February to June/July; half of the time is spent in Moldova and half in Romania.

To apply or receive more detailed information, please contact your local OM office or email us at

Please understand that for this program we cannot accept families with children or groups.

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