God prepares the way

written by OM International

“When they heard about our team, the two ladies immediately left everything to welcome us and organise food for our team.” Vlad*, who was part of a trekking team during a Love Moldova outreach, was impressed by the joy and readiness to serve that was shown by the only two believers in the village. The team had arrived in the village knowing of only two believers there and had a phone number for one of them. Upon arrival in the village, they called to explain who they were and within two minutes the ladies decided to be wholly available to the team during their stay.

The trekking team walks from village to village and it was often a challenge for participants to trust that God would provide for their needs. Most of the villages they visited had no church and no, or only a few, believers. The team was overwhelmed by the quick readiness the two women showed in serving them and the joy the visit brought to them. “This is like a church,” they said about the fellowship they enjoyed when they received the team into their homes – a fellowship they usually have to do without. It was a great encouragement for these scattered individual believers to have others come to share and worship with them and to help them reach out to their communities.

For Vlad, one of the Moldovan OM workers, the visit to this specific village brought another unexpected encouragement. Talking to the two ladies, he asked how they had come to faith and they shared how ten years ago a man had come and preached the gospel in their village. During the conversation, Vlad discovered that this man was none other than his father! Ten years ago, Vlad had left for Asia for missions and at the same time his father had done an outreach to the region of Moldova they were in. His father's outreach had resulted in these two ladies coming to faith. For ten years they had faithfully kept going. Vlad found it a huge encouragement and sign of God’s faithfulness and constant work and how His hand worked things out over long distances of time and space.

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*last name omitted for security reasons