Physio Therapist / Occupational Therapist

Children at risk… of what or from whom you may ask? Many of them are at risk of being abandoned to a cold institution away from their home, friends and family! Our main goal is to see children living in healthy families where they can reach their potential in all areas: social, physical mental and spiritual. This is done through therapy, training, and providing the needed resources.

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Security Coordinator (M)

- Advise on overall safety and security management for the organisation

-Provide training and oversight for the local security manager.

-Monitor and interpret current security situation

-Liaise with other relevant security entities

-Assist in critical incident management

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Business Development Advisor (M)

Advising existing projects on developing various sizes of business relating to women's empowerment and literature production. Training project staff in areas of business development, marketing and sales management. Facilitating development of a project into a sustainable business

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Donor Relations Officer (M)

-To ensure an excellent donor base of institutional and individual donors, so that the organization has adequate funding for all its efforts.

-To establish, develop and maintain partnerships with a diverse donor base.

This position serves project managers in their communication with donors.

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Teacher of English (M)

Preparing and teaching spoken and written English to national staff who need to upgrade their English skills for their job.

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Regional Director (M)

The right candidate will have the opportunity to develop a regional strategy and coordinate some cutting edge and life-saving ministries in our region.

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Executive Director (S)

- Strengthening and developing the vision of the organization to work with the marginalized.

- Overseeing the organization with 150 national staff, and local volunteers. 

- Overseeing fund raising, approximately $1 million per year, through an existing donor base.

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