1&2 Year Commitments


1&2 year commitments are at the heart of our organisation's focus on sharing knowledge, help and hope. If you want to commit one or two years of your life to serving God and people, then read on!

This one or two year option provides the largest opportunity to serve onboard Doulos Hope or Logos Hope. Not only has experience taught that those who stay for only one year often experience a sense of loss for not going for the second year, the ships also needs a majority of two year people to continue to operate effectively.

It is often in the second year that those on board receive greater opportunities in terms of work departments, position development or training in various areas. In a sense they are part of the backbone to continue to operate the ships, due to the experience gained during their first year.


Community Living

With so many people from different countries, life on board could be compared to one big multicultural party, but actually, this experience brings with it both rewards and challenges. You may not have very much personal space, but you do have the opportunity to develop deep lasting friendships, and learn a lot about the world from those around you.

On-the-job Training

Your time on board is a great opportunity to find out and develop your skills, giftings and passions in life. As well as several weeks of pre-ship training, preparing you for the next years, and teaching important ship safety procedures, you will continuously receive on-the-job training - whether in your work department, outreach skills, leadership development or more.

Hard Work

You will work for eight hours a day, five days a week, in one of the ship departments, such as the galley, cleaning team, deck, engine room or bookfair. Although you can state your work preference, you must be flexible and willing to serve wherever you are needed. After several months there may be opportunities to pursue other jobs, or take on leadership responsibilities. While work on board is demanding, each department aims to create a fun environment which fosters individual growth.

Sharing knowledge, help and hope

Each week, you will spend one day interacting with local port communities, whether on board or as part of the many teams visiting hospitals, prisons, schools and many more locations on shore. This allows you to experience firsthand the lives and situations of people all around the world, and to share your own stories with them.

Spiritual Growth

On board, you will have a unique opportunity to develop and deepen your relationship with God. The ships provide many resources to enable you to do this - community activities and study groups as well as through books - with the aim of helping the individual take responsibility for their own growth in their faith. Your time with the ships becomes what you make of it!

How to apply for 1 or 2 years

Important Notes:

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old, in good health and speak English at a reasonable level.
  • Applicants must raise financial support to cover the basic living costs on board.
  • Applicants must have a sending organisation¬†who will recommend you and can support you spiritually during your time.

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