Making a difference

Logos Hope :: Captain Dirk Colenbrander (Netherlands) shares his personal story about his goal to join an OM Ship and share God's heart for others.


Wirklich etwas bewirken

Logos Hope :: Kapitän Dirk Colenbrander aus den Niederlanden erzählt, wie er zu OM Ships kam. Er möchte mit anderen teilen, was Gott am Herzen liegt.


Logos Hope: 2nd & 3rd Engineers

Logos Hope is known as the world's largest floating bookfair and sails from port to port sharing knowledge, help and hope.

We are looking for qualified marine engineers to help keep the ship sailing.

Required Qualifications:
STCW III/1 Marine Engineering
STCW V/3 Crisis Management and Human Behaviour


Doulos Hope: Repairperson - Long and Short Term Roles Available

As a Repairman, you work as part of the Engine team, who is responsible for maintaining adequate and comfortable living and working conditions all around the ship.


Logos Hope: Baker

As a baker, together with others you will produce quality baked items for those in the ship's community (around 400 people) & the local visitors who come to our I-Café and events on board. Our purpose is two-fold; to feed, bless & encourage those serving in the ship's community, and to provide items creating a hospitable environment to connect with our visitors.


Trau dich und geh!

Logos Hope :: Ian aus den Philippinen erzählt von seiner Zeit auf der Logos Hope

Vlorë, Albania :: Ian oiling an engine in the engine room on board Logos Hope

Dare to go

Logos Hope :: Ian (Philippines) shares his story of his time on board Logos Hope.

Vlorë, Albania :: Wise (Indonesia) looks through the lens of his camera during a day exploring in Albania

It’s all about hope

Logos Hope :: Wise (Borneo) shares his story of life on board.

Vlorë, Albania :: Wise (Indonesia) looks through the lens of his camera during a day exploring in Albania

Alles dreht sich um die Hoffnung

Logos Hope :: Wise aus Borneo erzählt auf der Logos Hope aus seinem Leben


Bäcker an Bord

Schiffe :: Lucas aus Deutschland beginnt seine zweijährige Mitarbeit als Bäcker auf der Doulos Hope