Grow as you serve with OM’s Ship Ministry.

Three billion people have never experienced God's love for them and every day this number is increasing by 60,000 people.

We’ve been looking for you. But perhaps you’ve not been looking for us. In fact, you may not have considered going to sea on an OM ship at all. But hear us out!

An OM ship is like a microcosm of the world – a place where people from every nation, with diverse skills and life experiences, are united through hope. 

Together we support each other as we travel to some of the world’s most remote communities sharing knowledge, help and hope.

And the best part – there is a place for EVERYONE who wants to use how God has wired them to make His love known. You included! Come as you are and let God do the rest.

Sure, there will be times when you’ll feel out of your comfort zone. But it’s in these moments that you’ll grow as you see God use you in the most remarkable ways!

You’ll learn new skills, experience different cultures, make lifelong friends, gain resilience and all while you see the world.

You’ve already got what it takes to follow that call. So, what’s stopping you from joining us for the adventure of a lifetime?


1&2 Year Commitments

One or two years are the longest opportunity to serve with OM Ships.

No prior experience or skills are needed as training is provided before stepping aboard.

Once onboard one of the ships, you will receive further training on the job as well as for ministry and life skills.

STEP (2 Months+)

If you are interested in short-term service with OM Ships, this is the option for you.

The Short Term Exposure Programme (STEP) is available on board our ships or on shore at our US facility in South Carolina.

Usually around two to four months, this opportunity gives participants a taste of globally focused service in a multicultural environment.

Use your profession

We have opportunities for all kinds of people with skills in a variety of professions such as deck and engineering officers and ratings, doctors, cooks, electricians, plumbers, welders, carpenters, bookkeepers, journalists, photographers, designers, information technology and audio visual professionals.