The First Logos

OM's pioneering first ship, Logos, was purchased in 1970. Over a 17-year period, more than six and a half million visitors came to Logos during 408 ports of call in 108 countries.

In 1988, Logos ran aground in atrocious weather conditions in Tierra del Fuego, hitting rocks in the Beagle Channel between Argentina and Chile. Though the ship could not be saved, not a single crewmember was lost, or even injured!

Later that year, the former Antonio Lazaro became Logos II.


Total Visitors 6,560,000
Programme Attendance 320,000
Books Purchased On Board 5,100,000
Nautical Miles Sailed 230,335
Total Ports of Call 408
Countries and Territories Visited 108
Different Ports Visited 255


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Technical Data

Call Sign 9VUD
Port of Registry Singapore
Type Passenger
Built 1949, Helsing√ł, Denmark
Classification Bureau Veritas (BV)
Reg. No. 19N700
(I 3/3 E Deep Sea with freeboard, Ice)
Tonnage 2,319 GRT
1,124 NRT
1,730 DWT
3,328 LDT
Persons 144
Cargo (Books) 1325 m³
Dry Provisions 57 m³
Cold Provisions 95 m³
Diesel Oil 502 m³
Lube Oil 28 m³
Fresh Water 212 m³
Length 83 m
Breadth 13.44 m
Design Draught 5.5 m
Main Propulsion Engine

B+W 650 VF 90
6 Cyl. 2 stroke
2300 IHP @150 rpm
Marine Diesel Fuel
Direct coupled
Fixed Pitch Propeller

Electrical Plant

3 DC Gen Sets
2 x B+W 325 MTH 40
120 RW @ 220V eacj set
1 x MWM TRHS 518A
200 KW @ 220 V
(fitted 3/84 in place of one B+W)

Air Compressors

1 x HS & M 25 Atmn.
1 x Hamworthy (fitted 10/85)

Steering Thrige Elec. Mec.
Refrigeration Hall Thermotank
Air Conditioning R-12/ Direct Expansion
4 Fan Rooms
9 Fan Systems
Deck Machinery T:B. Thrige
1 Windlass
4 Cargo Winches x 5t



Originally known as Umanak, this vessel was built in 1949 at Helsing√∂r Vaerft & Mask. in Denmark with hull number 290. She was delivered to Den Kongelige Gr√łnlandske Handel (Royal Greenland) in July that year and sailed a regular route from Denmark to Greenland.


She was purchased on 15 October, 1970 in Copenhagen, Denmark and then towed to Rotterdam, the Netherlands where renovations were done. The vessel was registered in Singapore and renamed Logos. On 18 February 1971, she sailed to her first port of call - London, England.

Umanak image copyright - Reinhard Hannemann.

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