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Logos Hope was purchased in 2004. The ship's gross tonnage is three times that of Logos II, the ship it replaces. The extra space gives visitors the opportunity to choose from a wider range of activities and will allow for more crewmembers to serve on board. Logos Hope is OM Ships International's largest ship.

After going through a complete renovation to transform her from a ferry into the ship she is today, Logos Hope launched into active service in February 2009.


Total Visitors 9,130,277
Programme Attendance 572,170
Books Purchased On Board 10,027,005
Nautical Miles Sailed 133,939
Total Ports of Call 210
Countries and Territories Visited 76
Different Ports Visited 139

Last Updated on 30 May, 2022


Technical Data

Call Sign 9HA2851
Port of Registry Valletta, Malta
Type Passenger
Built 1973, Rendsburg, Germany
Load Line marking – RI
(Reg. No. 95050)
Tonnage 12,519 GRT
4,387 NRT
1,533 DWT
6,400 LDT
Persons 442
Cargo (Books) 1100 m³
Fuel 877 m³
Lube Oil 120 m³
Fresh Water 308 m³
Length 132.50 m
Breadth 21.06 m
Design Draught 5.22 m
Main Propulsion Engine

4 X SWD 6TM 410 RR
In-line 6 cyl. 4-stroke
11768kW (16000bhp) total
Intermediate Fuel IF 180
Clutched to two shafts
Two KaMeWa 102 5/4
Pitch = 3540

Generating Plant

440 V 60 Hz
2 Sets MAN Diesel engines
Type 7L21/31 1540 KW
w/ AVK 1846 kVA Generator

1 Set Bergen
KRG-8 1475kW engine
w/ ABB 1750 kVA Generator

Air Compressors 2 Sauer WP 100L-100
30 bar
Steering Svendborg
Refrigeration Stal Astra & Bitzer
R-134a Direct Expansion
Air Conditioning IMTEC (Rudolf Mayer)
Carrier screw-type compressors
R-404a Chilled Water
Deck Machinery Siemens Windlass
1PB1 253-1 QX41
Siemens Mooring Winches
2 Palfinger Cranes




Logos Hope started life in Rendsburg, in the north of Germany, in 1973 as the car ferry Gustav Vasa with the company Lion Ferry AB. Maintaining the same route between Malmö (Sweden) and Travemünde (Germany) for 10 years, she was chartered out to many companies. Her route was later extended to include Rønne (Denmark) and Trelleborg (Sweden).


In April 1983 she was sold to the Faroese ferry company Smyril Line, and renamed Norröna. Sailing from Torshavn, the Faroese capital, to Lerwick (Shetland Islands), Bergen (Norway), Hantsholm (Denmark) and Seyðisfjörður (Iceland) each summer, she was often chartered in the winter to cover other operators' overhaul schedules. When Smyril Line delivered a new Norröna in 2003, the old vessel became Norröna I, and was put up for sale. Following inspections, GBA Ships purchased her in March 2004.


After a further period of planning and fundraising, extensive renovations began in earnest in the Brodotrogir Shipyard in Trogir, Croatia in June 2005. A new deck was inserted into the double height vehicle deck to create space for what is now the Visitor Experience. An additional deck was added towards the aft to accommodate the school for children of families serving on board. A new galley was installed, and the bridge completely refurbished. Machinery in the engine room was overhauled. Accommodation sections and community spaces were rebuilt, and air-conditioning, sprinkler and electrical systems were renewed.


In November 2007 the ship left Croatia bound for Kiel, Germany, for an initial period of outfitting. On arrival crew and equipment were transferred from Logos II, the ship she would replace, and outfitting work took on new momentum with increased numbers on board and many volunteer project workers from North Germany and around the world coming to help.


The ship departed from Kiel in May 2008 heading for dry dock in Landskrona, Sweden, where a larger, more efficient generator was brought into the engine room through the side of the ship. Thereafter, Logos Hope was berthed in Køge, Denmark, for final outfitting. As well as completion of the accommodation areas and community spaces, work continued on the areas intended for the public, including the Logos Lounge conference room and the visitor experience deck. A massive combined effort saw all the surveys completed and certificates in place, and Logos Hope launched into service in February 2009.

Gustav Vasa and Norröna I images courtesy with kind permission of

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