No better place

Logos Hope :: Katie (USA) shares her story of her time on board Logos Hope.

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Floating bookfair declared open!

Singapore :: Doulos Hope is commissioned and launched into service

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All aboard with just one week until Doulos Hope's launch weekend!

Singapore :: Newest vessel, Doulos Hope, is set to be launched into service

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First books on the shelves!

Penang, Malaysia :: Doulos Hope's bookfair is set-up.

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Books on board

Penang, Malaysia :: The first book container arrives to Doulos Hope!

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Vlorë, Albania :: Ian oiling an engine in the engine room on board Logos Hope

Dare to go

Logos Hope :: Ian (Philippines) shares his story of his time on board Logos Hope.

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Vlorë, Albania :: Wise (Indonesia) looks through the lens of his camera during a day exploring in Albania

It’s all about hope

Logos Hope :: Wise (Borneo) shares his story of life on board.

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Ships :: Lucas (Germany) begins his two-year commitment with Doulos Hope, serving as the baker.

Baker on board!

Ships :: Lucas (Germany) begins his two-year commitment with Doulos Hope, serving as the baker.

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Serving with a purpose

Logos Hope :: Abigail (Zimbabwe) shares her personal story of how she came to serve on board Logos Hope.

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Milestone Moment for Doulos Hope

Singapore :: Doulos Hope's technical phase is complete!

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Renovation work nearly done

Singapore :: Doulos Hope's renovation phase nears completion

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Following God's leading

Logos Hope :: Lucas (Brazil/Spain) shares his personal story about his journey to join and serve on board.

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New year, new cultures, new possibilities

Beirut, Lebanon :: Crewmembers look forward to 2023 with its many connections and experiences ready to enjoy.

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Christmas around the world

Beirut, Lebanon :: Logos Hope crewmembers share their Christmas traditions from home through cultural events on board.

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Bookfair canopy construction

Singapore :: Doulos Hope's bookfair canopy is constructed on board as work continues to ready the vessel for launch mid 2023

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Logos Hope kids share Christmas joy

Kids living on board Logos Hope partner with the Ship2Ship group to give out Christmas gifts to marine workers who are away from their loved ones this holiday season.

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The Logos connection in Limassol

Logos School and Logos Hope School connect through shared values and a shared name.

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Sharing hope in Montenegro

Portonovi, Montenegro :: A summary of different programmes undertaken by Logos Hope crewmembers in Montenegro.

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A family of God, living out love and obeying God’s word

Florence, South Carolina, USA :: PilHun Park (South Korea), Ministry Centre Director, shares his personal story of serving God and about the work undertaken at the Ship Ministry’s base in South Carolina, USA.

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Doulos Hope Project Work Progresses

Singapore :: Work continues on board Doulos Hope in preparation for her 2023 launch

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