Clearer focus and increased understanding

written by OM International

There are many different ways to share knowledge, help and hope. In Tema, one way to help local people was through testing people’s eyesight and providing glasses for free in different places across the city.

At stations for either testing the distance vision or reading vision, the volunteers aimed to find the right correction glasses for those in need.

Sebastian Moncayo (Ecuador) and his team switched between the different stations. He shares, “The station I enjoyed the most was where people went to get tested for reading glasses. The best part of the day for me was seeing the satisfaction and smiles on the faces of the people we were able to bless, as they were now able to read, with all that it entails.”

Jonathan Molina (USA) added, “There was one gentleman, for whom I put together a pair of glasses and his eyes went wide, and he started thanking the team sincerely with the biggest grin on his face. This spurred me on… We ended up giving out almost 150 pairs of glasses! Several local people stopped by just to say thank you. Some saw what we were doing and actually started to help with crowd control and translating.”

A highlight for Lisa Shambare (Zimbabwe) was that testing people’s eyesight also created an opportunity to talk to and engage with them. She shares, “Some of the people might never be able to come to the ship and so I was delighted to hear their stories and also talk about our vision as Logos Hope. I could meet people's needs who might have otherwise never had a chance to get glasses.” 

In total, more than 2,500 pairs of glasses were given out to those with either long or short sight.