Serving with a purpose

written by Rachel Brabham

As Abigail (Zimbabwe) was finishing high school, she had no idea what her future held. “I was seeking God on the next step that He had for me,” she says. “He told me I should go into serving Him full-time.” Although the barriers to serving overseas seemed insurmountable, Abigail knew that God would prepare the way. “Having everything come together at the right time really gave me a firm assurance that this is where God wanted me to be.” And so began her journey with OM…

Abigail would say her own faith experience began in her first year of high school. “After hearing someone’s personal story, I remember writing in my notebook ‘Operation Seeking God’. I think that’s when I can truly say I began to know God.” Abigail grew up in a family where serving God was a priority. “I developed a heart for serving God through watching my dad and I know that I will be involved in serving for the rest of my life.”

Upon joining Logos Hope, Abigail was placed in the galley (kitchen) department. She has worked hard during her time on board, eventually becoming an assistant chef. In this role she supports the executive chef and leads a team of galley workers, giving her the opportunity to develop new skills in leadership and the catering industry. “Being part of a team that all works towards one goal is honestly phenomenal”, she explains. “We're able to put everything else aside and focus on the one thing we have in common, which is Jesus.”

The galley team prepares 1,500 meals a day for crewmembers and guests, plus food for a variety of events. They are an important part of Logos Hope’s community, ensuring that everyone on board is well-fed and enabled to serve at their full capacity. Abigail knows that her contribution is part of a bigger goal and is ultimately to serve God. During her time on board Logos Hope, Abigail has visited countries, experienced cultures and learnt about how much people around the world need to experience God’s love.

Abigail would recommend the Ship Ministry to anyone who wants to learn and grow. “It is a safe place where you can learn how to use the skills God has given you. You can learn about different cultures just by living with them.”

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