Truth Seekers

Bar, Montenegro :: Teenagers attend an event reminding them of their God-given identity.

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The garden by the Zeta River

Bar, Montenegro :: Logos Hope partners with Bašta Zeta, an educational garden that brings a community together.

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Where are Christians in the chaos?

OM Ships :: CEO Seelan Govender writes about the role of Christians in the world today.

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The start of something new

Vlorë, Albania :: New crewmembers joining the ship are welcomed on board.

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Hope behind prison bars

Vlore, Albania :: Crewmembers visit inmates in a high security prison.

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Learning new skills together

Vlore, Albania :: Crewmembers work alongside a carpenter to support different projects.

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Doulos Hope sails to Singapore

Singapore :: Doulos Hope completes a period of dry dock in Singapore, as work continues to prepare the ship for launch

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Another first, good coffee and many readers in Vlorë

Vlorë, Albania :: Logos Hope visits Albania for the first time in her record.

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Compassion and action

Valletta, Malta :: Logos Hope supports the work of Migrant Commission in upgrading a shelter for refugees.

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Education as a key to success

Valletta, Malta :: Crewmembers had the privilege to facilitate English classes for a group of refugees.

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Let's dance!

Valletta, Malta :: Crewmembers find a creative way to connect with people.

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Returning to our home port

Valletta, Malta :: Logos Hope returns to her port of registry.

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Making Ceuta an even more beautiful place

Ceuta, Spain :: Crewmembers collect trash and litter from a beach.

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“There's always something special about a first visit!”

Ceuta, Spain :: Logos Hope docks at the port of Ceuta for the first time in her history.

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Experiencing the reality of poverty

Sevilla, Spain :: A poverty simulation takes place on board Logos Hope.

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“Because this is something different”

Sevilla, Spain :: Logos Hope arrives in Seville and the mayor of the city officially opens the floating bookfair to the public.

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Ready, set, go!

Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: The annual maintenance work comes to an end with the inspections completed successfully and the shore-based teams back on board.

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Afloat again!

Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: With work on the hull completed, Logos Hope goes back into the water while maintenance work on board continues.

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Serving in communities

Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: Teams sent out across the Canary Islands are involved in a wide variety of opportunities to serve.

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Annual maintenance begins

Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: Logos Hope goes into the period of annual maintenance while teams spread around the islands and beyond to serve communities.

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