Bringing the Message Home through Dancing

From about a hundred teens attending dance workshops every day to the heart-pounding, energetic dance parties every night, dance is without question one of the languages spoken at TeenStreet. Beginning with “Don’t build your house on sand” on Day 1, the dance team has wowed us with their moves daily, telling a heartfelt story each time. 

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TeenStreet 2019, Summary

How do you summarise TeenStreet? How do you encapsulate everything that goes into a full week of teaching, worship music, workshops, meals, and so much more? Enjoy a brief overview of TeenStreet 2019.

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Day 6, Focus

Day 6: Focus. Where is your focus, on the small things or Jesus? Don't get distracted by the Mona Lisas in life. Turn around and look at Jesus.

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Space for God to Speak

The Art Zone is a place where teens can creatively express themselves and their worship for God. For Saskia, she found art as a way to quiet her mind and let God speak.

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Day 5, Power

On Day 5, we looked at 'Power.' Our words have the power to hurt and destroy as well as encourage and build up. Jesus' words give joy, life, peace, hope, and purpose to those who believe Him.

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RAG 2019

On Day 4, over 1200 runners raised money in the RAG race in order to help teen refugees in Europe and support new TeenStreets around the world. All in all they raised 85,453.

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Day 4, Involved

We are meant to get involved in ministry because other people need to know about His love, too. From a duckling to a garbage can drum, the speakers had powerful examples of the 'why' and 'how' of this call.

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Knocking on Doors, the Story of Agnes

You've seen her on the main stage, translating for the key speakers. Her face is full of joy, and her excitement for her job is clear. But how well do you know Agnes' story?

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Day 2, Trust

In the Main Hall on Day 2 of TeenStreet 2019, the key speakers introduced participants to the virtue of Trust. And more than that, trust is founded on Love.

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Taking the Long Way to TeenStreet

Many people travel to TeenStreet (TS) from far, but very few choose to take as massive a detour as the Harju family from Finland who drove through eleven countries before arriving in Offenburg.

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Day 1, Wisdom

Day 1's Main Hall session focused on wisdom, a word and concept used very much in everyday life. The truth is that God gives us wisdom, and He invites us to desire and search for it as we would search for treasure.

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Opening Night 2019

From deep base notes echoing through the speaker system, to the countries welcome video, to moments of voices lifted up in praise, the first Throne Room session of TeenStreet 2019 made a powerful impact on the participants.

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Arrival Day 2019

Arrival Day brought teens, Service Team members, coaches, and thunderstorms to the site. As another incredible TeenStreet begins, teens shared what they are most looking forward to in the week ahead.

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Equip Day 2019

Equip Day is a special time to encourage the Service Team to be part of God's mission. Taking the time to prepare before the teens arrive is proving to be a valuable addition to the annual TeenStreet schedule.

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Setup Week, TS 2019

Service Team members share why they enjoy being onsite during Setup Week, when the vision of TeenStreet becomes a reality for them, and what part of the upcoming conference they are most excited for. For those who are here, Setup Week is part of the whole TeenStreet experience. 

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Raising funds for refugees during RAG race

RAG: 64 000 Euros for refugees

Did you know we raised 64 000 Euro for refugees last year at TeenStreet?! Amazing!!!

RAG is the fundraising event at TeenStreet – Raise And Give. Before and during every TeenStreet, we raise funds to support a good cause that will positively impact youth in Europe and beyond. Last year we raised funds for refugees in Greece, Italy and Serbia. This will continue 2019 too!

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Eleven times and more in the making

23-year-old Sini (Finland) has been to TeenStreet (TS) eleven times. Her first TS took place when she was 13 years old and a family friend was looking for someone to go to TS with her own daughter. Now she serves together with her husband Mikko.

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TS coach Kari

'The most valuable work'

Kari from Finland talks about the importance of male role models for teenage boys, who are facing big questions in life.

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Solar powered gospel toys

Solar-powered gospel toys

Teens designed, assembled and painted individual toys, topped with solar-panelled propellers, to be given to refugee children, along with a gospel message.

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Global Village Scatter Railways

Scatter Railways to the least reached

Through Scatter Railways, Global Village at TeenStreet focussed this year on introducing teens to the 2.8 billion people who have never heard of Jesus.

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