A journey to space at the Global Village

A main feature of TeenStreet is Operation Mobilisation’s Global Village. It’s designed to interactively teach teens about the needs in the world around them and how they can help. But this time it’s nowhere on our globe. It takes place on a planet named “Harvest” and the only way to get there is by space ship. Nevertheless, over 3,000 people at TeenStreet climbed aboard and journeyed to Harvest.
From tickets, to scanning name badges to security, the Global Village is impressively detailed. After a group of ten people pass security, they are guided into a space shuttle accompanied by a space captain. During the flight, passengers are told the most important attributes of planet Harvest, and given a set of tools to use during their stay. “Our agency has been providing relief assistance to Harvest for the past 56 Earth years,” announces the captain. “Our goal is to bring hope, faith and love to Harvest and see it restored. It is now your job to rescue Harvest.”
When passengers arrive, they are sprayed with an “anti-rejection formula” and given six weeks (six weeks equal six minutes Earth time) alone on the planet. Then the visitors are exposed to the conditions of planet harvest, including the needs of humanity. Passengers are left to use their tools and help as much as possible in 6 minutes.
After the flight back, the trip isn’t over. Passengers are guided through a room where they can write down their thoughts, impressions, feelings and prayers about their journey to Harvest.
Afterwards, a “Debrief Agent” leads the group through a discussion about their visit to the planet that is actually not so different from our own. 
During the discussion, participants are informed how they can get active to face similar needs here on Earth, because often the needs aren’t that far away from us.  Jesus said to his disciples in Matthew 9:37 that “the harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few.”
We can be these labourers, if we pray for the Harvest, give something or go actively.
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