My life in the hands of God

A teenager from Portugal talks about giving her life to God at TeenStreet 2013:
The day God spoke to me was on the Wednesday, because that day I was not very happy. My friends were talking about things all day, and I no longer could stand it anymore.
So on the night when Debs (main stage speaker) said to go to our M&M* for prayer, it seemed that God had directed this at me and told me to go to prayer, so off I went. When I arrived to my M&M, I felt a huge desire to cry—and I cried.
My M&M grabbed my hand and asked if I wanted to share about my day, and it was enough to say that I was tired of the discussions of [my friends], she knew just what to do.
After the prayer I felt more free, and finally I accepted God into my life. I will never forget my trip to TeenStreet, as it was in this wonderful place that I saw my life in the hands of God.
*M&M – A leader at TeenStreet