Teen Talk – Registration Day!

The doors to TeenStreet are now officially open.
Teens are arriving, and the foyers are getting full.  We asked some of our new arrivals what they hoped this year’s TeenStreet would have in store.
“I am excited to build up my relationship with God and see the teens I’ve met over the last few years.”
- Ann-Christin, 17, Switzerland
“This is my first year, and I am looking forward to meeting new friends and getting closer with Jesus. I am just so excited! However, I am also sad that this is my first year as a teen and the last year I can come as a teen.”
- Kosti, 17, Finland
“I’m looking forward to meeting the people I met last year, and of course being in the Throne Room to praise God!”
- Simone, 16, Denmark
“I’m excited for Throne Room. I’m hoping to leave with a more personal relationship with God.”
- Sander, 15, Norway
“I am excited to meet God face-to-face during Net Groups. I hope that we can connect and pray together.”
- Cindy and Lois, 17, France
“I’m looking forward to having a great experience with God.”
- Robin, 14, Netherlands
“I want to learn something I can take away and keep with me…something that helps me live out my faith at home.”
- Miles, 16, United Kingdom
Are you at TeenStreet this year? Let us know what you’re most excited about.
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