TeenStreet- Open and ready!

In under a week, the site, Halle Münsterland, has been transformed from an empty conference centre to a buzzing TeenStreet (TS) site. The Service Team and Staff have been working hard to make sure everything is ready for the beginning of TS today.
Last Sunday, when the first volunteers arrived to set up the site, there was nothing there, except for the trucks from Mosbach, Germany filled with supplies for the conference. The site was quiet and empty, and looked nothing like it does now.
These once-quiet, empty rooms are now, among other things, a dining hall, accommodation blocks, a bookshop, the ArtZone and the Global Village. The site is full of many exciting things for the teens to enjoy, and the chatter of excited voices fills the corridors.
The atmosphere is gradually changing. As more and more people arrive, the excitement about the start of TS is growing.
We are OPEN.
We are ready.