Global Village Scatter Railways

Scatter Railways to the least reached

Through Scatter Railways, Global Village at TeenStreet focussed this year on introducing teens to the 2.8 billion people who have never heard of Jesus.

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Infinity Day 6

INFINITY (and beyond) : Day 6

His story with you—with us—is not over after today. The kingdom, power, and glory of God don’t stop here.

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Fashion design at Art Zone

Creating with God

Art can be an expression of worship. So can fashion illustration.

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Cake and coffee

Coffee and cake

Teens from one Finnish church cover most of their TeenStreet costs by serving coffee and cake throughout the year.

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RAG 2018

Racing for refugees

On RAG day at TeenStreet, 844 runners, united by one goal, raised over 50,000 Euros for refugees.

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GRIT Day 5

GRIT : Day 5

DAY 5 reminds us we don't have to give in to temptation and sin. God can help us resist temptation and save us when we are under attack from the enemy.

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A taste of the kingdom

A taste of the kingdom (Part 2)

TeenStreet impresses Claudia (Portugal) and her two brothers, here for the first time, as a melting pot of languages and cultures.

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A family adventure

A family adventure (Part 1)

Claudia (Portugal) has been to TeenStreet five times. This year, she finally convinced her two brothers to join.

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TeenStreet around the world

TeenStreet around the world

TeenStreet Europe is pretty international, but the global TeenStreet network stretches even further around the world.

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TS speaker Ron

Q&A : Ron

Get to know Ron, one of the three key speakers at TeenStreet this year.

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Swedish DJ David

Dare to make a difference

David, the DJ at TeenStreet, has a passion for people and a desire to see them know and be used by God.

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Day 4 Release


DAY FOUR at TeenStreet was all about forgiveness being an important part of our relationship with God and others.

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Q&A Rich

Q&A : Rich

Get to know Rich, one of the three key speakers at TeenStreet 2018.

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Breathe Day 3


DAY 3 encourages us to  depend on God for everything we need.  As our Father and our King, He is faithful and worthy of our trust.

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RAG fundraising

Together we can make a difference

By donating money—even a little—to this year’s RAG project, teens can make a BIG difference in the lives of other teens.

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Rachel at TS

Q&A : Rachel

Get to know Rachel, one of the three key speakers at TeenStreet 2018.

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The fire in me

Johanna (Finland) talks about her passion to be a missionary inside her home country and also abroad.

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Day Two at TS reminded us that as believers, we are part of God's kingdom. When we grow CLOSER in our relationship with God, His kingdom's values become our values and our hearts' desires.

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Yara from the TS band

Show up, use your talents, be ridiculous

Meet Yara from Portugal, the energetic, new member of the international TeenStreet worship band.

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Reveal_Day 1

REVEAL : Day 1

Day One at TeenStreet is all about knowing God, the King of Kings and our personal Father. He is immensely BIG yet intimately near.

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