Arrival Day

By bus, by train, by plane...

For many teens and Service Team, TeenStreet begins with the journey here.

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Set-up Week 2018

Set-up Week: TeenStreet 2018

Service Team members share the importance of Set-up Week, a time when TeenStreet comes together.

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Workshop presenter at Equip Day

First ever Equip Day

At the first ever Equip Day, Service Team receive spiritual and missional input to help them serve teens better.

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Come as Day Guest to TeenStreet

Would you like to see what TeenStreet is like but can not make it the whole week? Come join us as Day Guest for a day!

More information and online registration here. 

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A girl learns how to sow at the Vocation for the Future project in Kosovo

"The money raised at Teenstreet is the sole reason we still exist"

More than 86,000 Euros raised at TeenStreet 2017 help run the Vocation for the Future Project in Kosovo. 

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TeenStreet 365

Teens around Europe have the opportunity to be encouraged and motivated through Scripture at TeenStreet every year. In Ireland, one church got creative with their options.

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Thank you from the writers team

Communications Farewell

Thank you for following the journey of learning about our ‘Unshakeable’ God over the past week. It’s been a joy and pleasure to bring you stories from the week, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the happenings here in Offenburg.

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Thousands of teenagers worship God together.

You’re not alone

For many teens, TS is the only place they encounter lots of Jesus followers who are the same age.

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The Global Village sign in kiosk in the Interaction Zone.

Global Village: Simulation leads to sharing 

Other than the white info and sign in kiosk located in the Interaction Zone, teenagers had to wait their turn to find out what else Global Village held in store for them this year. Even though that information is reserved for those who went through the simulation, the lessons learned from the experience are meant to be shared.

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Rebecca (picture from Facebook)

TS and Missions: Rebecca’s Story 

Especially after TeenStreet, Rebecca wanted to go into missions. As she remembers, “TeenStreet was the only sector in my life telling me that I was capable of doing this at age 16. Without TeenStreet, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity or felt confident enough to go.”

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Artists painted in the streets of Offenburg during ArtDay.

ArtDay in Offenburg

Monday afternoon the market square of Offenburg turned into an art fair as the TeenStreet (TS) Outreach Team arranged ArtDay to show God’s love. It was hard to miss that there was something special going on in the city as live music filled the air and children, some them with their faces painted, some carrying balloon models, made a colourful scene.

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Programme team onstage during YES.

YES! Our Father has won!

It is the last day of TeenStreet (TS) 2017, but it is not over. “God is still speaking and the sun is out!” Debs welcomed the teens this morning with the theme YES! “It is a celebration—YES!—because God has won the victory for us."

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Dania is the newest member of the TeenStreet band.

The global voice of TeenStreet

The TeenStreet band hopes to involve more and more teenagers in determining what worship is like at TeenStreet. One way of doing this is by inviting new people to join the band.

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Debs and Josh Walker have spoken at TeenStreet for 24 years.

TS takeaway: humility and honour 

Josh and Debs Walker have spoken at 24 of 25 TeenStreets. “We grew up with TeenStreet,” Debs shared.

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TeenStreet is a tool box for teen's futures.

TeenStreet: God's toolbox

John, 25, from Sweden says TeenStreet is a platform where God prepares young people for the future. 

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A tent and campfire scene illustrate how God is our REFUGE.

REFUGE: Enjoying time with the Father 

On the morning of the fourth day of TeenStreet, there was a camping site on stage when the teens came in for their Mainhall meeting. Both, the tent and the campfire were significant for today’s theme: REFUGE.

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Two Portuguese teens raised money for two years to come to TeenStreet.

2 Years in Coming

A couple of Portuguese participants at TeenStreet 2017 have been fundraising for two years to come to their first conference.

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SEALED: Finding true identity in the Father 

The third day of TeenStreet started with a special programme: separate Mainhall meetings for boys and girls. 

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TeenStreet and Missions: Ciqui’s Story

Seated behind the Italian translator station, you’ll find the smiling face Alessandro (or Ciqui, as he prefers to be called). Attending his ninth TeenStreet (TS) conference, he looked back to the early days of his life in missions.

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Josh and Ed present GRASP in the Mainhall.

GRASP: Living out the father’s truths  

This second day of TeenStreet started with a big family meeting in the Mainhall. “Jesus wants us to be His brothers and sisters,” Josh explained, “and He wants us to know His Dad!”

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