In the past year, OM workers have been providing aid in close association with local churches in Syrian, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. The refugee population now comprises one-quarter of Lebanon’s population. Throughout the region, OM’s work continues to witness spiritual breakthroughs. Meanwhile, our European teams have been reorganizing to help refugees in Greece, Hungary, Macedonia and elsewhere. Your participation will help bring that compassion to many in the name of Jesus. Thank you.

Late last year from Syria alone three to five million refugees fled to neighbouring countries. Since World War II the number of refugees worldwide has never been higher than now. Yet there is a glimmer of hope in all this misery: the door is wide open to share the gospel with Muslims who were previously unreachable.

For decades, OMers have prayed for Syria. Since civil war began four years ago, Syrians have fled en masse, first to neighbouring countries in the Near East and now to Europe and elsewhere. Although the need for food, blankets and shelter cannot be neglected, OM also uses these dire circumstances to share the good news of God's love.

With thousands of refugees immigrating around the world, and various governments accepting pleas to open their borders, OM seeks to respond, individually and corporately. Your participation will help bring that compassion to many in the name of Jesus. Immediate aid saves lives and gives hope, while continued help will help millions start new lives in new lands.

In addition to providing aid we look forward to creating income generating projects, providing basic education for refugee children and spreading the Gospel through personal evangelism, literature and audio-visual distribution and media outreach. Currently 100,000 Muslims in the Near East are exposed to God's word through social media; those interested in further discussions are being connected with believers.

We need your help.


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